Minimising Impacts

Minimising Impacts

In building the development at King’s Cross we want to be considered as "good neighbours" by you the local residents by minimising any adverse impacts, such as noise and dust, during the construction of the scheme. Most of these issues are dealt with in the King’s Cross Code of Construction Practice (CoCP), however, as a further indication to our intention of being good neighbours, each of the contractors have joined the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS).

This scheme sets out the principles that must be adhered to in order to become a Considerate Contractor and they include:

Considerate – All work to be carried out with positive consideration to the needs of traders and businesses, site personnel, visitors, and the general public.

Environment – Noise from construction operations and all other sources is to be kept to the CoCP limits. Efforts should be made to select and use local resources wherever possible. Attention should be paid to waste management and the avoidance of pollution. Recycling and sustainability is encouraged.

Cleanliness – The working site is to be kept clean and in good order. Safety barriers, lights and warning signs are to be maintained in a clean and safe condition. Surplus material must not be allowed to accumulate on site. Dirt and dust from construction operations should be kept within the CoCP guidelines.

Good Neighbour – General information regarding the scheme should be provided for all neighbours affected by the works. Full and regular communications with neighbours, including adjacent traders and businesses, regarding programming and site activities should be maintained throughout construction.

Respectful – Respectable and safe standards of dress should be maintained at all times. Lewd or derogatory behaviour and language should not be tolerated. Pride in the management and appearance of the site is to be shown at all times. Operatives should be instructed in how to deal with the public.

Safe – Construction operations and site vehicle movements are to be carried out with care and consideration for the safety of site personnel, visitors and the general public. No construction activity should be a security risk to others.

Responsible – Ensure that everyone associated with the site understands, implements and complies with this Code.

The CCS audits each of their sites twice a year and it is our intention to win a top award for being one of the best run and most considerate sites.


Visualisation of Somers Town Street Bridge - Moxon Architects

Somers Town Bridge gets planning consent

The proposed new bridge, given the green light by Camden Council in March, will span the Regent's Canal, connecting King's Cross by the Western Coal Drops, to Camley Street and the Camley Street Natural Park beyond.


30th August 2017

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