9th November 2017

Google Construction Update - important news

Between now and the end of November you will notice some key changes around the Google site.

For safety purposes we are creating a new construction lane on Goods Way to accommodate the increased flow of vehicles to site. Goods Way will become one way from east to west, towards St Pancras Station.

The southern footway of Goods Way will continue to be closed past the site and two-way cycle lanes and routes will be maintained.

The road junction of Goods Way and Kings Boulevard will be reconfigured in line with the one way traffic system.  

On the site itself, a temporary road will be created behind the already re-located hoarding on King’s Boulevard.  Starting next week, minor demolition works will begin as we alter the existing access ramp which will generate a little more dust and noise on-site.  

Most of the existing trees behind the hoarding are being relocated by a specialist nursery firm to a public park in Haringey. We will also be planting replacement trees at the end of the project along King’s Boulevard.

  Looking further ahead, in the early part of next year, construction of the concrete cores will start. This will be followed by the erection of the steel frame that will support the structure of the building, offering the first glimpse of the building coming out of the ground.


Visualisation of Somers Town Street Bridge - Moxon Architects

Somers Town Bridge gets planning consent

The proposed new bridge, given the green light by Camden Council in March, will span the Regent's Canal, connecting King's Cross by the Western Coal Drops, to Camley Street and the Camley Street Natural Park beyond.


19th January 2018

Weekend works at R1 - Sat 20th and Sun 21st Jan 18

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